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The promise of progress in America is at risk while entrenched politicians play partisan games, stunting our nation's unparalleled potential. It's time we recalibrate our course, away from the stale, stagnating corridors of Washington, and turn to the limitless potential of AI - where power is returned to the people, the true engine of the nation. Let's reinvigorate our country with prosperity, safety, and unity, forging the most advanced, efficient economy the world has ever seen.

Defending our digital frontiers, we will enhance energy sustainability and assert a leadership role defined by innovation and integrity in the global theater. It's time we put America First in the technology race, and embrace a forward-thinking era characterized by advancement, empowerment, and opportunity. Together, we will protect lives, proliferate jobs, and preserve the American Dream.

Join us in our unstoppable mission to Accelerate America. Together, we can champion progress, foster innovation, and make America the global leader in the AI-driven era.

AI For 2024 is a politically unaligned movement that aims to catalyze national discussion about the role of AI in domestic politics and government - before its too late.

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